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To discover what true efficiency looks like, hire our remote software development team.

Allow ExtelaSoft to handle the adoption of cutting-edge technology so you can concentrate on what you do best: servicing your clients to the best of your ability.

We understand that running a business in modern world is a difficult task. Technology is progressing at the speed of light. It’s nearly hard to stay up with the latest developments while still ensuring constant corporate growth.

Software development team solutions

Get the first-class software development services from skilled professionals at ExtelaSoft. Our software development outsourcing solutions were designed to help you maintain your competitive edge.

Our dedicated software engineers implement practical mobile solutions.

Choose the best technologies for your company and rest assured knowing that dedicated software developers at ExtelaSoft will take care of every stage of the development process, from picking the right tools to software testing.

For more complex programs, games, and business solutions hire developers to build native mobile apps.Our skilled professionals have rich experience in working with the most popular APIs, so you can always get expert software integrations assistance.Hire our dedicated software development team and see them in action.

Our offshore dedicated development team builds reliable frontend solutions.

Our team uses the latest JavaScript and HTML5 frameworks for your business. Get professional advice on creating a truly customer-oriented website or partner up with a team of developers with outstanding tech skills to build more complex software with versatile functionality. Our software outsourcing solutions were specifically designed to help businesses like yours reveal their full potential.

Our dedicated development team knows everything about great design. We’ll help you create a product that will ensure the best user experience and reflect the values of your brand. Outstaff software development experts to get better results much faster. Hire a remote software engineering and web design team that will make sure your product is up and running.

Here at ExtelaSoft, we believe that each customer is unique. That is why our dedicated software development team takes time to understand you.

We find, interview, and hire developers with the most suitable tech skills for your project.
We help you set up all the necessary details for a smooth start of the development process.
We motivate your team of developers and ensure your satisfaction at all times


IT outstaffing may be a hurdle if you can’t fully trust your developers. None of these issues exists here at ExtelaSoft. Partner up with the best development team in Ukraine!

  • The need to scale very fast to achieve the set goals;
  • The need to expand technical expertise;
  • Expensive rent and additional costs associated with location;
  • Taxes, insurance, and other extra expenses, which come along with extra in-house teams;
  • Overheated domestic market and incredible competition for resources.

Why choose our software development company?

  1. ExtelaSoft development process goes beyond mere software engineering. That is why it’s our priority to get to know you and your team. Our software developers explore your business needs and unique requirements of your industry, and they are ready to go above and beyond to achieve your goals.

  2. We realize that the design is crucial for the profitability of your product, so we never sacrifice usability to functionality. There’s no need to choose. With our dedicated teams, you can have it all.

  3. Find out more about our dedicated software development team!

Hiring dedicated software engineers in Ukraine

  1. Choosing an offshore dedicated software development team is a responsible step. You have to make sure that your potential partner has what it takes to help you achieve your goals in software engineering and design. We treat every project with great care and curiosity. There’s always more to a site or an app than design and functionality. It should speak your voice and communicate your values, and it also must convert leads into long-term customers. Our tech skills combined with our experience of working with clients around the world is what makes us a great fit for your business.

  2. Last but not least, we understand the challenges of starting a business. That is why we offer professional services at a reasonable price. No hidden charges, no hustle. Just the right technology for your particular case. Our internal processes are straightforward and transparent.

  3. How it works?
    You hire a dedicated software development team and they start working for your company remotely for the duration of the project. Basically, you become their employer for this period. Also, you are free to involve more experts if your project takes more resources than expected. Stop worrying and start doing!


We offer only well-recognized and time-tested technologies to support any of your business goals


We offer our clients only the most ingenious and efficient software solutions that help them achieve their business goals

Superior software products quality and fair prices – that’s what makes us different from our competitors.

Have a project and You need a team to make it? We are here to help You!

You have an idea but not sure how to start? With our experience of working with startups, we know how to help!

Our clients benefit from technologically advanced products with great UX.

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Our top-notch engineers are here to provide first-class custom software development services

Cutting-edge technologies and reliable battle-tested solutions will make your product scalable and future-ready.

Say hello to a team, who builds apps that work, scale fast and drive user engagement.

Unique designs and user-friendly interfaces that will contribute to your business success.

Whether you’re an established firm or a startup, we can undoubtedly offer value to your organization.

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Our expert team knows best how to combine time-tested technologies for a successful project launch.