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Why Jamstack?

You can benefit from a Jamstack architecture in lots of different ways, including your website and project workflows. In fact, Jamstack is not actually a technology but a new approach to developing fast, scalable, and secure static websites. It is based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and pre-built Markup, hence the “JAM” stack. This approach helps to create websites that serve static pre-built HTML+JS, while also being highly interactive and able to carry out dynamic functions like real-time interactivity, payment processing, etc. Basically, it takes advantage of speed, security, and cost-efficiency of static websites and, at the same time, is capable of doing dynamic things. So far it looks like Jamstack will have a lasting impact on how developers build and deliver digital experience, and here is why:

Jamstack allows developing truly fast websites. You do not need to wait as the page is being built since everything was generated earlier during the deploy time. Jamstack sites offer pre-generated HTML that is served to you via CDN, and there are no back-end interference and delays.

Jamstack provides maximum security against DDoS and various types of injections since everything works via an API. Specifically, all server-side processes are abstracted into microservice APIs, which means that there are no database or security breaches, and it significantly reduces areas for attacks.

With Jamstack, front-end developers are not tied to monolithic architecture, which allows them to focus entirely on the front-end part. As a result, that concentration often promotes the development tempo and the quality of developers’ performance. What is more, a wide and growing variety of CMS options for site generators eliminates the need to maintain a separate stack for content and marketing.


ExtelaSoft is actively adopting Jamstack and we know how to leverage this approach

Static Site Generator

We can both move your existing dynamic website to a static one or develop the Jamstack site from scratch within the shortest period.

CDN Hosting

Ensure that your site is ready for success and deploy it globally over a CDN. In this manner, you can be confident that regardless of the users’ location, your website will deliver the best experience.

Headless CMS

We can provide you with a Headless CMS that will remove the dependency on a database and thus reduce time-to-market and operating costs, promote your flexibility and scalability, and facilitate overall content management.


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