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Why Choose PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is an object-relational database, meaning that it provides support for custom objects and behavior, which includes data types, operations, functions, indexes, and domains. What is more, PostgreSQL allows creating, storing, and retrieving complex data structures. All these make the database extremely reliable and flexible. PostgreSQL offers a vast range of other advantages. Here are some of the most significant benefits that you can expect when opting for PostgreSQL development services:

PostgreSQL supports a truly vast variety of data types, including not only the expected ones like numeric, text, floating-point, and boolean, but there are also monetary, binary, enumerable, composite data types and many others. This characteristic puts PostgreSQL one step ahead of its competitors that can only support some of these data types. Besides, in case this extensive list of data types that PostgreSQL offers is not enough, you can create new types using the “create type” command.

Being an object-relational database, PostgreSQL can store arrays of values for most of the data types. All you have to do is to add square brackets to the data type specification for the column or use the ARRAY expression. Traditional relational databases, in turn, do not work this way. You will need to spend more time creating a separate table with rows for each of the array values.

Nowadays, geodata is crucial to a significant portion of applications, and Postgre supports geometric data types, including circles, lines, points, and polygons. Moreover, it has an extension that enhances existing geometry data properties and provides location support.

A considerable advantage of PostgreSQL is that it can handle enormous amounts of data. As a rule, the amount of data depends on the maximum size of the operating system files, but PostgreSQL can store tabular data in numerous files of smaller sizes. This feature allows Postgre to go far beyond limitation. For instance, while MySQL and MariaDB have a 65,535 bytes limit for row sizes, Postgre’s maximum is incredible 1.6 TB.


The list of our custom PostgreSQL development services includes but is not limited to:

1. PostgreSQL Consulting Services

2. PostgreSQL Design and Development Solutions

3. PostgreSQL Migration from MySQL/MariaDB

4. PostgreSQL Testing and QA

5. PostgreSQL Support and Maintenance


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