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Why React Native?

React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development framework based on JavaScript. The framework enables developers to create natively rendered mobile apps that run on both iOS and Android. There’s a reason why React Native app development is becoming more popular. It enables businesses to swiftly enter mobile marketplaces while also reducing development expenses. React Native is a JavaScript-based cross-platform mobile app development framework. Developers may use the framework to create natively rendered mobile apps for both iOS and Android. React Native app development is gaining popularity for a reason. It allows enterprises to access mobile markets quickly while also lowering development costs.

Because React Native is a cross-platform development tool, it can be used to construct apps that run on both iOS and Android. As a result, there is no need for two teams to work on two different projects. Instead, you may devote more time and manpower to a single project, resulting in a more polished final product.

React operates on JavaScript, which enables business owners to re-use the code for mobile and web projects. It also allows hybrid apps to render natively through compilation. All this can significantly reduce the time to create a powerful app, as well as speed up time-to-market.

React Native is an open-source platform, so its technical documentation is open to everyone. Developers can share their experience and get feedback, improving both their skills and the technology itself. Superb community support helps to accelerate complex development, maximize quality, and, most importantly, maintain stability in performance.

It is almost impossible for a user to notice any difference between a React Native app and a native one, which is designed specifically for one platform. The framework imitates native UI components, allowing you to create apps that look and feel like native and have the same high performance.

Popular Apps Built with React Native


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