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Why React?

React.js is an open-source JavaScript toolkit that allows you to create simple but quick and scalable web application frontends. It was created by a Facebook employee and is still being maintained by the corporation. The main goal of React.js web application development is to reduce the amount of coding and effort necessary to produce an engaging and high-performing user interface.

Creating a dynamic web app using sloppy HTML is a difficult process that necessitates intricate code. React.js overcomes this problem by using the JSX syntax, which allows you to add HTML to your JS. As a result, you’ll be able to write considerably simpler and cleaner code. JSX also provides certain advantages, such as preventing code injections.

React.js allows developers to reuse the components that they developed previously for other applications. Each component is isolated: they have their own logic and control their own rendering. So if one component changes, it doesn’t affect the others. It saves development efforts and time, which allows finishing projects much faster, as well as promotes consistency across the brand.

React.js allows using the virtual Document Object Model (DOM) and hosting it in memory. Whenever the actual DOM changes, the virtual one also updates. As a result, apps demonstrate faster and smoother performance, leading to better user experience.

React.js resolves a common issue that occurs when a search engine fails to read JavaScript high-volume apps. The framework can be run on the server, and when the virtual DOM is rendered and returned to your browser, it looks like a regular webpage.

Popular Websites That Use React.js


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